What is EverGrow Coin?

How to buy Evergrow EGC

Be careful with EGC symbol, as there are two other coins with the same symbol, for once I was confused about what coin to write the article for. But then our Steps generator came in handy, as it was able to point out that there are a total of three coins with the same symbol.

The one we are covering in this article is:

  • EGC -> EverGrow (0xc001bbe2b87079294c63ece98bdd0a88d761434e )

Two other coins are:

  • EGC -> EcoG9coin (0xc0ec8caec55f37d47fbfa595727418868a21fd48)
  • EGC -> Egoras Credit (0xd68e5c52f7563486cc1a15d00efa12c8644a907e)

Now that we have the most basic issue of identity lets dive in further.

EverGrow (EGC) is a deflationary token that will become scarcer over time when it is burned. At the time of EverGrow’s launch, 1,000,000,000,000,000 $EGC were created, with half of them transferred to the EverGrow coin burn address.

Additional tokens are burned on a regular basis using a “buy back and burn” method. EverGrow maintains a repurchase reserve in the form of BNB in the EverGrow smart contract. The smart contract repurchases EverGrow tokens in order to boost volume, rewards, and favorable price movement.

It then sends those tokens to the Evergrow coin burn address, where they are removed from circulation and the total quantity of EGC is reduced. This raises the value of the remaining tokens.

EverGrow also has an anti-whale measure in place, limiting the amount sold to any wallet to a maximum of 0.125% of the circulating supply. This is done to avoid major sell-offs, which frequently result in price drops.

About EverGrow Ecosystem

Social Media Platform Crator: Crator is a content subscription platform that allows users to subscribe to content, buy content, message content creators, and even leave tips in exchange for $EGC, other crypto, or fiat.

Crypto Wallet EverGrow: Users can purchase, sell, and trade their crypto on the EverGrow wallet in order to get token rewards, as well as access to traditional crypto investing via the crypto wallet.

Exchange: The EverGrow Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) where users may buy, sell, or trade their preferred cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the EverGrow Exchange accepts prizes in both native and non-native currencies, which will be distributed to EverGrow currency holders.

How to buy EverGrow:

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