With Saitama Swap about to be launched, Saitama Inu has entered the top ten of the smart contracts most used by the 1000 largest Ethereum whales, according to data shared by Whalestats.

Saitama has witnessed a 182% increase among top ETH whales in the last 24 hours, representing 1.3% of the whale’s assets. This spike could be due to the updates shared by the team at their last AMA held yesterday and the upcoming Swap release.

While Ethereum was still the number one token among ETH whales, Floki and Uniswap saw an increase of 126% and 157.19%, respectively.

Saitama Inu AMA Updates

On February 22, Saitama held an AMA to answer various questions from the community.

The main update was regarding Swap Saitama. The team deactivated the exchange and took a step back to assess the situation. They changed the backend design as well as part of the infrastructure. They have done a lot of testing and the team has been working hard to ensure they are prepared for any eventuality.

The current version is satisfactory for the team and users should be on the latest version by now. According to the AMA, the Saitama Swap should be operational in a day or two.

They also addressed the DDOS attack and Frontrun bots. The team announced that it has overcome these issues by setting up its own MEM pool and private miners. The application is ready to use once it is finished.

The latest program update has already been released on the app stores and is available for users to download and should resolve all existing issues. In short, SaitaMask is ready to use.

The team also shared an update on the hardware wallet, the prototype of which is likely to be showcased at Dubai Expo 2022. In the two days of the fair, the Saitama team has the biggest booth.

Additionally, the team is still on pace to launch Saita Realty on March 1 at 5pm ET.

With a great lineup of releases, Saitama seems to have a good path laid out for him. Innovation is a big push in the market, and it seems the whales have noticed.

At the time of publication, Saitama was negotiation at $0.000000017808, up 7.2%.



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